Introducing: IMpress

The Problem

IRLs play an integral role in transfusion safety, performing basic and complex antibody workups for the hospitals that depend on them.

Many IRLs use paper-based record keeping for this type of specialized, relatively low-volume work. However, as paper records accumulate over time this method can become unwieldy.  In the worst case, it denies the patient the benefit of a complete test history if their records can’t be located.  In the best case, productivity suffers while the tech manually searches through hundreds of thousands of records.  Paper records can also be difficult to decipher due to hastily written entries, smudges, physical damage, etc.

The Solution

NPAR’s IMpresstm software solution – IMmunohematology Patient Record System. IMpress provides a migration path from paper to digital records, as well as electronic recordkeeping and search capabilities. Optional workflow modules can further automate lab operations.


  • Reduced Turn-Around Time (TAT) through faster retrieval of patient records and faster recording of new test results
  • Improved lab workflow with optional process streamlining modules
  • User accountability and audit trails
  • Improved patient safety via an optional interface with the National Patient Antibody Registry
  • Optional interfaces to other medical and/or business software systems


  • Scan, encode and validate paper-based patient records
  • Retain images of the original records for validation and future reference
  • Searchable patient records
  • Customizable patient forms 
  • Automate lab workflow – case management, work queues, narrative reports, etc. – with optional process streamlining modules
  • Automatic search of the National Patient Antibody Registry displays records from other facilities
  • Management reports to support Quality Assurance, Billing, and Compliance
  • Accommodate future advances in testing technologies
  • Generate de-identified data for research purposes

The Migration Path


We scan patient records at your site, ensuring that this critical information remains available and avoiding any risk of PHI loss during the conversion process.


Our trained data entry team transcribes the key information from each record. This typically includes the patient ID number, name, date of birth, sex, blood type,  antigen typing, and positive antibody test results. Then records are re-checked to make sure the transcriptions are accurate.


In the final step, you review a representative sample of the encoded records to verify that they meet the agreed-upon standards for accuracy.

Going Forward


A built-in training course teaches supervisors and users how to use IMpress to its fullest potential. Because the training course and help screens are integral parts of the system, every operational detail is at the users’ fingertips.

Technical Support

NPAR provides 24x7 technical support over the web and by phone.

Operational Support

We continuously monitor the system to help detect problems before users are impacted. System updates and feature enhancements are accomplished remotely. Automated backups guard your critical data.

Want to Learn More?

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