Improve the safety and speed of blood transfusions by providing a HIPAA-compliant nationwide database of patient red cell antibody information.


NPAR™ is a database service, accessible via secure web connections. Its easy-to-use screens allow authorized users to quickly locate and retrieve a patient's test records from any participating blood bank or transfusion service. NPAR features a fully automated data entry process, so it is scalable for institutions of all sizes.


Gaps in patient transfusion history can lead to:

  • Delays in treatment
  • Medical complications
  • Extended hospital stays
  • Expenditure of valuable time and resources


Instant access to prior test results helps patients and treatment facilities in many ways:

  • Reduced risk of hemolytic transfusion reactions
  • Faster cross-matches
  • Less reliance on patients' memory of prior treatments
  • Instant access to records from other facilities


NPAR is available now. Call us at 631-981-8525 or click here to request more information.