Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: What about HIPAA?
A: HIPAA expressly permits sharing of patient records for treatment purposes, with appropriate controls. NPAR™ complies with all HIPAA physical, administrative, and technical safeguards. Click here for more information about NPAR's HIPAA compliance features.

Q: How should we use the data NPAR provides?
A: NPAR records help guide your lab testing, and are not a substitute for regular screening procedures. This ensures that your patients are protected in the unlikely event of an inaccurate record from another facility.

Q: What are NPAR's software and hardware requirements?
A: Users access NPAR through a secure web connection. NPAR supports Microsoft Internet Explorer® 7 or later, Mozilla Firefox®, and Google Chrome™ web browsers.

Q: Is training included?
A: We provide a web-based training course for your end users, which take less than two hours to complete. In addition, each NPAR screen offers context-sensitive help.

Q: How does data sharing work?
A: The NPAR Upload Manager automatically uploads blood bank patient records to the NPAR Server on a scheduled basis. Shared information is limited to basic patient demographics, ABO/Rh, and antibody, transfusion, and transfusion reaction histories.  The NPAR Server verifies the integrity of the upload, and then copies the records into the database.

Q: Can I trust the patient data from other facilities?
A: Hospitals are serious about accurate record-keeping, and the great majority of patient data is correct. That said, patient history provided by NPAR should always be treated as advisory in nature, intended to help guide your patient workups. NPAR is not a substitute for regular screening procedures.

Q: What if I need to know more about a patient?
A: NPAR provides contact information for all participating hospitals.

Q: What if I see data from another facility that looks incomplete or incorrect?
NPAR provides a Data Confirmation feature that allows you to communicate directly with the hospital that provided the patient history.

Q: Who manages user accounts?
A: Each hospital has at least one designated NPAR administrator who controls login and password credentials.

Q: Is this going to require a big IT effort?
A: A hospital can install the Upload Manager and configure NPAR in less than a day. We provide step-by-step procedures, and help desk assistance is always available.

Q: What is the cost of an NPAR subscription?
A: Subscription fees vary by hospital size to ensure a rapid return on investment. Contact us for a customized quote and ROI report.